Updated CSAA Schedule

March 24, 2020

All CSAA AD’s,

I hope and pray everyone is safe and healthy during these trying times. Schools are now closed until April 20th and the shutdown could last longer. We will remain optimistic in the CSAA office and are still hoping to have some portion of our 2019-2020 spring/summer sports seasons until a decision by the Archdiocese on school is final.

The CSAA is following the lead of the Archdiocese of Louisville office and we will adhere to all mandates and from Archbishop Kurtz throughout this period. 

If CSAA sports resume activity this year, we will work with each parish to ensure your teams are able to participate. We will figure out manual registrations on short notice, and we will modify uniform requirements as needed to minimize unnecessary expenditures and early registration expenses.

In short, we will do anything practical and reasonable to allow your student-athletes to participate in spring/summer CSAA sports if school resumes. If at any point school is canceled for the remainder of the 2019-2020 year all remaining 2019-2020 CSAA sports will be canceled as well.

Below is an update on each remaining 2019-2020 CSAA sport in order of start date.

Soccer – shortened season at best.

Softball – Shortened season at best.

**Track (scheduled for April 19th / school closed until at least April 20th) – Officially Canceled due to school closure and limitations on makeup dates and facilities.

Field Hockey – Pending

Baseball – Pending

Golf – Pending

Tennis – Pending

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